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Автор : btamedia

    Hello to all you descendants of monkeys!! 

   This is not an insult, as I’m sure most of you are aware, we are all descendants of monkeys. In fact are DNA is over 95% chimpanzee! This maybe explains the strange desire that lives in all of us to climb the tallest trees, jump from branch to branch, to swing and hang with no fear of falling. Sadly, since we have exchanged the trees for a comfortable chair, basically all of us have lost the physical ability and guts to achieve this inner desire.

   However, what if I told you that now there is way you can overcome these issues. What if I told you, that here on the beautiful island of Koh Rong you could walk a zip line while over 50feet in the air, or surf on a surf board between trees with no fear of falling? Is that something that’s sound like it would make an awesome traveling story? This is exactly what we offer you here at High Point Rope Park.


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